Appetite Asia featuring Letoile Cafe

L’etoile – in the converted shophouse that houses cafe L’etoile (bottom right), patrons can choose between a random clutch of couches, a sewing machine table or a table under a painted gazebo while gazing out the lace curtains into the greenery on Owen Road. L’etoile’s owner Yvonne Low candidly admits that the seemingly random collection is exactly that:sheer chance. the whimsical décor is also inspired by japanese francophilia. a mini-shop downstairs sells locally made curios and crafts. the hand-drawn menu features all-day breakfast, pastas, cakes and nibbles. The Matcha Azuki Cake is light in texture and flavourful while the carbonara (bottom, left) is satisfyingly creamy. Laptop warriors and studymates sit back to back (centre), shielded from the harsh afternoon heat by lace curtains in L’etoile’s airconditioned haven.” Appetite November 2012